Fast Fashion

‘Fast fashion’ has become a widespread phenomenon around the world – a powerful and often addictive past time that exists as a constant source of enjoyment and pleasure in our lives. Demand for cheap, easily accessible clothes and fashion has led to a growth of large fashion companies exploiting cheap labour for profit. Fashion Revolution,... Continue Reading →

warehouse 3.0

Progress is happening albeit slowly!. We've been busy painting and putting some signage up, even a bit of indoor lawn to get the indoor outdoor flow happening. We are just finalising ideas for the retail bag display unit and shouldn't be to far off having the showroom ready to go. As always if you'd like... Continue Reading →

Ethical Investment- Radio New zealand

After a well deserved sleep in  i stumbled upon a great article on Ethical investment as i was drinking a coffee and reading the paper and listening to National Radio, Yes it was fair trade organic coffee!, the paper...i'm not so sure! I began pondering and wondered if now more than ever this may be... Continue Reading →

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