We make bags and t-shirts but our business is freedom, we offer a great range of event merchandise and apparel which are made by FREESET, an amazing group of Women who are survivors of human trafficking and the sex trade in Kolkata, India.

We’ve also set up a new social enterprise offering custom cut wristbands to suit your brand, they’re produced using planet friendly bamboo and cotton. Not only that, each wristband helps create good jobs and good choices for a marginalised people group in Kolkata, India.
All our products offer good jobs and good choices and you become part of helping make good a little more common in their neighbourhood.

Maptek aus
Air frieght
messenger x 150 units            $2.47    $370.50    AUS
freeset admin        50        50.3    AUS
freight        $521USD        540.00    AUS
Duty 5%                $1,008.84
GST 10%                $1,109.72
liminal cost p/unit                $7.40
mark up    110%            $8.14
GST 10%                17.0897496
profit                $1,220.70

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