Ethical Fashion Guide 2017 Launch

Just launched, the 2017 Tearfund and BWA Ethical Fashion Guide – Aimed at helping people shop with a clear conscience, the Ethical Fashion Guide ranks companies according to their policies, workers’ rights, and commitment to fair trade.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.13.35 pm.png


In the light of the New Zealand Governments announcement of a $2 billion package to address the pay inequity in the predominantly female aged care sector.  Addressing the issues of working conditions/pay and slave labor off shore in developing countries is no longer something that can be ignored especially when we are not prepared to stand for such inequality in our own back yard.

Download and read the report, we urge you the consumer to continue asking questions – this report is a step in the right direction, like anything it is not a complete answer. And while we are proud to have achieved a A rating and our producer Freeset received an A- minus, we strive to continue investing and ensuring that our brothers and sisters in developing countries are given a fair shot, that good jobs and good choices become more common in their neighbour hood.

We also want to acknowledge and honour Kowtow – who have paved the way offering style, sustainability and consciousness- Ka pai. Also the good folk a Little Yellow Bird who are offering a great range of workwear.



About liminal

The company’s commitment to social justice goes beyond fighting child labor and sweatshops however, Liminal Apparel identify that Poverty has removed people’s ability to make the choices they want to make for their families. Liminal Apparel is committed to making sure that poverty will no longer be the main influence in their lives. That people will be able to make good choices for themselves, their families and their community. Not just because of the extra money, but also the increased dignity, empowerment, personal development and training.



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