The power to change stuff:

Business is tough, cut throat and competitive.

The drive, purpose and ‘why’ is different for everyone.

There is a growing shift to models of social enterprise and profit for purpose as businesses not only look to operate differently but also seek to meet increasing consumer awareness and understanding that we can change stuff and by doing it together we create significant impact.

From Cafes offering skills training and jobs for homeless young people, to consumer goods where profit goes back to tackling global poverty.23637122_2507090

Our business was started with the vision to offer more fair and ethical ways of trading and change the world (just a little bit). We distribute Freeset Fairtrade, organic Bags, tshirts, ethical aprons and scarves in New Zealand and Australia and offer both retail and wholesale options.


Fifteen years ago our producer, Freeset started as a group of 20 Women in Kolcatta along with a Kiwi Couple -the vision for the business was to bring freedom into their neighbourhood – to give empowerment and choice to Women who had been caught in human trafficking and the sex trade in India. Pure and simple they wanted to see change and some good in their neighbourhood.


The model is simple Freeset offers jobs making bags, but also sewing T-shirts, screen printing and opportunities to move into supervisory and administrative office positions.


There are now over 250 Women employed, they continue to inspire us to reach beyond all that is comfortable and give us drive, purpose and ‘why’.


“You have the power to change stuff!”*

* thanks to Daniel Flynn from Thankyou for the quote and inspiration.

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