The Blanks Project

Paper Rain Blanks Project

Calling all creatives, designers, illustrators, dreamers and drawers!   ENTER THE BLANKS PROJECT HERE

A few years back we met two of the most inspirational, creative and genuine people – Wills and Indigo who head up The Paper Rain Project : and specialize in graphic design, organic/fair trade graphic apparel, boards, photography, design & other creative ventures. Their goal is to combine sustainable living & art with a local, environmentally friendly ethos. And quite frankly we are in awe of their work and also their fresh baked bread which we were gifted on a recent visit. Paper Rain Project is keen to invent, team up, build & explore with other creative folk and this is where The Blanks Project was born.


The Blanks Project is an art & ethics driven competition which culminates in the production of a limited edition series of organic, fair trade tshirts with winning designs by a range of (you!) International artists. These are available online (worldwide) and in selected stores across New Zealand and Australia.


Check out 2014 winners!!,

         Hannah Batty- Australia          Faunesque – France

Anna Rewinska – London             Nuno Sarmento


Don’t forget these are all fair trade and organic cotton t-shirts made by Freeset, not only does the winner get their design Custom printed on fair trade organic ethical t-shirts, but there is a massive kitty of goodness from –


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