Where your shopping makes a difference. – Good Spender

Freeset bags and t-shirts availible on GoodSpender

It’s heading into the festive season, and if you’re anything like us shopping for Christmas gifts is hard work, left until the last minute and generally ends up being something that little resembles the heart with which it was given.

So why not do something different this year, give a gift that makes a difference to the people making the products – “builds sustainable social businesses and empowers people to transform their local communities”*


The good folk at Social Traders and Australia Post have teamed up to create Good Spender,  ‘an online marketplace where everyday consumers like us want to make a difference with social enterprises.

Good Spender is the place to discover the broad range of fantastic products sold by Australian social enterprises. Good Spender allows you to interact with Australian social enterprises and support their mission by buying from them.’**

Backpack and canvas cluster-web

You’ll find the complete range of Freeset fair trade and organic bags and t-shirts which make great gifts and are also really handy basics to have for yourself, as well as a huge range of great other gifts from STREAT, SevenWomen, PVBS, TheSustainableTable, Goodwill Wine, Mildura Chocolate


*Social traders website.

**Good Spender website.

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