The Power of You


You have the power to do something amazing. The power to help farmers and producers build better futures for themselves, and improve working conditions around the world.  – Fairtrade

Liminal Apparel is ‘part of a larger organisation formed around strong values of fair and ethical ways of doing business.  So with every purchase you make from any part of our business, you become part of this story, changing the way business is done.’

While it’s only a small part of the solution to the big issues of poverty, injustice and power imbalance facing the world today, it’s a part nonetheless – and for people like the ‘Jayal’ (below) who is based at the sewing facility in Tiripur, India this means allot for her, her family and the community she lives in.


‘Jayal’ helped produce our super smooth black zip hoodie which has been entered into the:

2014 Fairtrade Awards

The Fairtrade Awards celebrate and champion businesses, retailers and producers who have committed to promote products and continue to help to create better future for farmers, their families and local communities in developing countries

PRODUCT Awards facebook post 04

Liminal 2013_0044_IMG_9429.jpgWe want to let our producers know we love what they do!. If you think our hoodies are a bit of alright or if you like what our business is about please vote for us by clicking any of the pictures or HERE. Or shop here and get yourself one.

It is inspiring to see so many others running business along the same value lines and hope you will be inspired also.

PRODUCT Awards email signature image

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