Joe follows his liminal apparel hoodie


Follow Joe as He Finds the People Who Made His Fairtrade Hoodie.

Hi, my name’s Joe!

Join me as I travel to India in February 2014 to find the people who made my Liminal Fairtrade Organic hoodie.

As part of the trip I’ll be:

  •  Finding the people who actually made my Liminal Apparel Fairtrade Organic hoodie
  • Seeing first-hand the lives of people who make Fairtrade clothes
  • Auditing the working conditions of Fairtrade and Organic-certified cotton workers

PLUS, in addition to that I’ll also be:

  • Gathering information on the trip to assemble a ‘Trace My Hoodie’ Traceability System — the first of it’s kind in New Zealand!
  • Once up-and-running, ‘Trace My Hoodie’ will allow any customer, via a QR code, to instantly see all of the people who made their hoodie, right from the cotton farmers to the seamstresses (See Toms Shoes’ example)

Follow my journey this summer as I travel to the true ‘coalface’ of Fairtrade, and find out whether Fairtrade really makes a difference in the Developing World.


The Details.

  • 5 week journey across India, from 22 February to 1 April 2014
  • Visiting and documenting Liminal Apparel’s entire Fairtrade Organic supply chain across India
  • Researching and creating NZ’s first ‘Traceable Fashion Garment’, a Liminal Apparel hoodie
  • All funds raised, however much, will go to meeting the travel costs of the trip


Impact of the Trip.

  • Will create New Zealand’s first fully Traceable Fashion Garment — from cotton farmer in India to the retailer in New Zealand
  • Auditing one of New Zealand’s premiere Fairtrade Organic clothing brands


 Ways You Can Help.

I simply won’t be able to do this alone. Here’s a couple of way’s you can get involved:

  •  Make a donation
  • Follow the journey on my blog (coming soon)
  • Share the blog with your friends




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