Fashion week outing…


New Zealand Fashion week has started with a hiss and a roar! and we’re going along for our first time!!

This years event has been brought forward 3 weeks to prevent clashing with the Rugby world cup, and features a fantastic line up of NZ designers.

The boys at liminal Apparel have be salivating over the fine mens garments produced locally in christchurch by MisteR Mens wear for some time, friendships were struck up with MisteRs, (Mickey and Ra) and a post quake gathering one night led to discussions about MisteR and Liminal Apparel teaming up to bring a fair trade organic gift bag for all the guests attending MisteR’s show…. the rest is history really!.

We are so excited to supply MisteR 100% fair trade organic tote bags, and have huge respect for their work and choice to use natural fabrics. New Zealand Fashion Week also marks the debut of the duo’s new range of womens wear, We can’t wait.

After a hectic year of earthquakes and general crazyness, MisteR’s show aptly titled ‘Not so Grimm’ celebrates the journey that has been and introduces their winter collection 11/12. It also highlights their commitment to seeing fair trade organic products become part of NZ fashion.

MisteRs choice to use fair trade organic tote bags speaks volumes and we look forward to joining with other designers to offer fair trade organic choices.

Liminal Apparel

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